Digital Defenders Flash Game

Flash Game Development

Flash Game Development



"Digital Defenders" Flash Game

Web Epoch's first interactive online gaming experience, "Digital Defenders" Flash Game has launched.

Web Epoch has developed this game as an internal project to demonstrate our game development capabilities.

Story: The Cyber ERA has come of age and humans are interfacing with computers, machines and appliances on a daily basis. The year is 2020 and the Business, Education, Government and Privates sectors are fully connected and represent the new digital earth. Global virus threats are present daily in everyone lives. Defining new viruses now presents an ever increasing challenge. The anti-virus software can barely keep up and sometimes are ineffective in eliminating the infectious viruses and the like.

A group of highly specialized scientists have developed the next generation anti-virus defense method that fights code with code at the bit level. The World’s most brilliant engineers are invited to engage in this “Pilot program” exploring this breakthrough system.



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