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3D Architectural Design

3D Architectural Design

A 3D Architectural Design of your proposed building is a good presentation for getting a quicker Municipal Council approval.

3D Architectural Visualization can be presented in the following ways:

Once the model is created, we do texture mapping, camera setting, lighting scene, rendering realistically, walking the camera to create a beautiful animation walk through a building like the PCTI STEM School project.

We provide multiple rendered views for printing to use in your presentation allowing for maximum visual communication with the Municipal Council. In addition to Architectural Exterior rendered views, floor plans and topography view renders provide ways to visualize propose project. Light Study and animation

Light Study animation show how the proposed building is casting the shadow onto the neighborhood housing and building on a Jersey City block.

We created a Light Study from dawn to dusk in our 3D scene environment with the Sun and Time during June and December 2016.

The following 3D formats help improve your presentation.

We use architectural materials and furniture in the model provide a realistic look and feel for accurate visualization of the project. For the Jersey City project, we mapped out the street layout, bike path, crosswalk, etc. which complemented the 3D Architectural Design.

For sales and digital marketing, rendering day and evening scenes create the mood for visualizing the 3D Architectural Design.

3D Architectural Design & Render

3D Architectural Design
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