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3D Architectural Model for Quicker Municipal Approval

3D Architectural Visualization

A 3D architectural model gets quicker municipal council approval. A 3D architectural walk-through helps stakeholders visualize what the proposed building will look like when complete. It is also a useful marketing and sales presentation tool.

3D Architectural Walk-Through

Building owners and property managers utilize 3D visualization, such as architectural interior models and 3D walkthrough animation, to attract tenants even before the construction begins. A 3D architectural walk-through presentation is a powerful marketing and sales tool that works efficiently.

Specialized digital marketing, involving the following features, is an exciting way to educate and sell to customers:

  • 3D architectural models
  • 3D architectural walkthrough video
  • 3D topography model
  • 3D topography flyover video
  • 3D model, render, and animation for anything
  • 3D printed model
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • PDF brochure
  • Photography
  • 3D VR

For example, a 3D flyover video depicting a proposed roadway cut 30’ deep through a mountain is difficult to explain verbally. Even if I hand-drew a sketch, you as the property owner may not be able to visualize my pitch.

A precise 3D topography model is created to show a proposed roadway from the parking lot to the top of the Stone Quarry. Once you have the 3D topology of the proposed road, we can set up cameras and lighting to fly across the entire model. We capture and provide an easy-to-understand video presentation of complex information.  An excellent example of a 3D visualization presentation.

For a final presentation, a 3D printed model of the entire complex topography was also created to get faster approval from stakeholders. The 3D printed model size is 24” x 23” x 6” and took 26 hours to complete.  3D models, video fly-over, and 3D printed models are helping designers and engineers visualize projects across many industries before manufacturing or construction begins.

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