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3D Machine Design

3D Machine Design & Assembly in Solidworks

3D Machine Design & Assembly in Solidworks

This is a 3D Machine Design of twenty-six-foot biohybrid research tool created and assembled in Solidworks. We created 309 3D parts and assembled in this biohybrid machine. All custom 3D parts are designed to the manufacturing specifications found in the CAD files.  This machine helps create products for improving lives of mankind.


Subject: Great job on the 3D Version


I want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did for Wagner Industries Inc. on a very complex medical processing machine. This was a one of a kind research tool for a major University and will be used for biomedical electrospinning research projects. The customers are PhD‘s with a strong requirement for accuracy and completeness in all the details of this equipment.

The machine consisted of a 26 foot long welded framework with over 315 parts that had to be detailed and listed on a BOM. Separate drawings had to be made for each and the entire machine had to be rendered as an exploded view when needed. The piping and pneumatic systems were shown in detail and the electrical operator’s panels were dead-on accurate both inside and out.

We would highly recommend Web Epoch for any project that requires accuracy, dedication to completion within a time frame and a reasonable cost for the work performed.

Once again, thanks for a job well done, on time and within budget.

William S. Wagner, Sr.
Wagner Industries, Inc.
Stanhope, NJ