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Popular Digital Marketing Content for Your Business Part 1/4

Every business is using digital marketing content such as Articles/Blogs, Email, SEO, live video, explainer video animation, video press release, 3D virtual models, 3D printed models, 3D clickable interactive models, 3D fly/walk through facility animation, infographics, downloadable PDF brochures & product sheets to name a few.

To promote, you post on websites, video sharing sites, social sites, business networking sites, pin sites, slide sites, and other Internet websites.

Would be customers can consume your digital marketing message and decide to buy or move on. A explainer video, an interactive 3D model or a cool infographic are proven ways to engage today’s digital saavy customers.

Digital Video and Animation has a range of products including:

  • 2D explainer video
  • 3D explainer video
  • App Demo Video
  • Live Video with animation
  • Whiteboard Video
  • Web Tutorial Video

Your digital marketing piece tells a story of your product and service. Based on your project, these digital contents include;

  • a live video captured and edited
  • 2D animation
  • 2D Illustration
  • Infographic
  • 3D Architectural model
  • 2D Architectural walkthrough video
  • 3D topography model
  • 3D topography flyover video
  • 3D model & render & animation for anything
  • 3D printed model
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • PDF brochure
  • Photography
  • 3D VR

and other digital marketing pieces.

Explainer Video - Web Epoch

Let’s look at the various types of explainer videos that you can use to promote your brand.

Live video

Live video is a combination of purchased commercial video clips edited with post production including voice over and custom animation to produce your video script for telling your story.

2D Explainer Video

2D Explainer Video for your product and services are the norm today for a 60 or 90 second pitch. However, we’ve done 5+ minute video for a university as an international student’s instructional video.

Whiteboard video

Whiteboard video animation keeps the viewer’s attention with the fast drawing & cool looking action on the screen. Whiteboard video animation is a popular explainer video format chosen by companies. Matter of fact, to compete or even leverage you must present several types of digital marketing format based on the content message you are delivering.

Web Tutorial video

Web Tutorial video is a great way for learning applications with short “how to instructional videos” for quick start or more detailed admin & user training.  Many users have positive experience if there are inline videos to help user to get a quick start and productive with your app.

App Demo Video

App Demo Video provide users with overview instruction on how the app works and why you would to become a fan. All video clips are short from 30 sec. to 90 seconds, targeting specific features for users to make a buying decision.

Today, explainer video pricing span from $500 to $5,000+ per 60 second animation based on the detail of animation you require. At $500 dollars, you have some characters “assembled” with template body parts, whereas at $5,000+ you have custom characters designed for your campaign.

Quality and affordable pricing never receives a complaint! As with any art, you must train your mind’s eye to appreciate the details of the high-end animation works and readily pay. Your campaign will show the result with quality animation vs. a low-end template based work and call to action response.

I will expand on the specialized digital marketing pieces in my part two of this article. I will have a link to an example of each of the above 3D project examples.

Popular Digital Marketing Content for Your Business – part 2/4

In the 3D world with proposed building design having realistic materials rendering or machines that are designed and assembled in 3D Solidworks for manufacturing parts specification, have no margin of error. High quality is a must!

Specialized Digital Marketing involving 3D models, 3D Video and 3D printed models are exciting ways to educate and sell to customers.

  • 3D Architectural Model
  • 3D Architectural Walkthrough
  • 3D Topography Model
  • 3D Topography Flyover
  • 3D Mechanical Model
  • 3D Machine Tour
  • 3D Printed Models

For example, a 3D flyover video depicting a proposed road way, cut 30’ deep through a mountain, from the parking lot to the top of the Stone Quarry is accurate to the inch because the model was created from engineering CAD files for accurately creating 3D topography models.  Once we have this, we can setup cameras and lighting to fly across the entire model to capture and provide easy to understand presentation to complex information by way of visual communication.

I will expand by providing an example for each of the 3D Applications

A 3D Architectural Model help get faster municipal council approval. A 3D Architectural walk-through help visualize what the proposed building will look like when complete. It is also an effective sales tool for presentation ideas to shareholders.

3D Printed Model

SEO & Digital Graphics

On Page SEO

Optimize each page with target keywords for the great content presented on this page. On-page SEO has several attributes that requite attention. The top rank is Title, h1, h2, h3, paragraph, image alt, links in/out, and more.

Off-page SEO by Link building.

Infographics / Pinterest

Infographics are informative in context and encompass several pages in length to deliver an illustrative message. An infographic can explain a process very clearly while entertaining the viewer with a cool engaging graphic theme.

PowerPoint Presentation / Slide Share

PowerPoint business presentation for sales and marketing is a great way to create cross link building from slide sharing sites. PowerPoint transcript is a great way to index many keywords spanning across your presentation slides with a transcript.

PDF Brochures

A nicely designed PDF brochure is appealing to the eye and allow would be customers to keep you file. You also have many pages to work with to display detailed product information or portfolio. Interactive PDF takes you a step further with forms and video.

The US Government and the business world has adopted PDF as the default format for distributing documents and collecting data via interactive forms.