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Mobile App Developer iPhone, iPad & Android

Mobile App Developer iPhone, iPad & Android

Our Mobile Application development services cover both iOS and Android platforms. We develop iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, and Android tablets.

Our launch of the stockandnews.com iPad App was successful. The reader consumed the lengthy article content on the iPad platform. The readers preferred the iPad App over the desktop browser.

Web Epoch setup a professional HD video camera for Brian Trumbore for Financial News. He was able to broadcast his nightly news review to the StocksandNews YouTube Channel, and users were able to see the updated video on the iPad App.

For your mobile app to be successful, we must target four precise goals:

  1. Your app meets your objective for sales or number of users
  2. Your app attracts a large number of users to support the purpose
  3. Your app meets or exceeds the user’s expectation
  4. Your app excites the user and encourages, then to continue use, provide updates to earn a fan base for your service app.

There are five critical phases of mobile app design & development process. We take great care to develop and deliver an excellent product for you. Your understanding of each stage increases the probability that your mobile app launch will be successful.


  1. STRATEGY – What will the app do?
  2. DESIGN – Who will use the app?
  3. DEVELOPMENT – How will we create this?
  4. MARKETING – Let’s let the world know and sell it
  5. MAINTENANCE – Let’s keep improving for users


Our initial app development strategy will determine the platform such as iPad, iPhone, an Android or multiple devices. As an Authorized Apple Developer, create the project specifications including; the user interface (UI) design needs will be established. A tablet App like the StocksandNedws.com iPad app will have a different UI than a smartphone app. Information based app versus shopping cart app will have different functionality that users engage, so we need to determine the key requirements to design and streamline best features for users.


Once we have established the strategic foundation for your app, we can begin the development of your app. In this phase, we focus on the user experience; including the interface design, the functions and the application performance that allow the user’s to engage with your app.


We will need to decide if we are using native or cross-platform environment for development. Based on your user’s need and app performance we will carefully assist you making the right decision for your mobile app development project. Your mobile app back-end architecture and the hosting platform are other critical decisions we must prepare for your mobile app success.


Getting the word out about your mobile app launch is essential to success. There are several avenues we must attack such as Billboard, Social media, Blog, Email, Search directories, press releases, articles and friends.


Once we get clients and users, we need to keep improving your mobile app for functionality, security, speed, and stability. By keeping users happy and engaged, they can help spread the word to acquire more clients.

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