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Salesforce Customization, Data Import and User Training

Salesforce Customization, Data Import and User Training

Salesforce.com is a leader in the CRM and other vertical marketplaces. We have integrated Salesforce.com with our flagship SaaS product, Epoch Slide to provide a single sign-on user experience. Additionally, custom advanced features connect the contact with a custom presentation for each opportunity present.

When you need custom fields and workflow, we can help develop the UI and specific user experience required for your business operations. We automate these process to streamline your business operation steps while improving efficiency.

Salesforce.com ISV | Web Epoch

  • Salesforce.com customization
  • Salesforce.com Integration
  • Presentation Builder iPad App for sales force
  • Salesforce.com to email marketing integration
  • Salesforce.com integration with Epoch Slide Library