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WordPress Developer Automates Process

As a WordPress developer, we love to create client’s app that automates a business process. We develop business Web Application to automate the daily process to streamlines overall operation. You can see on the Lakeland Bus Tour Schedule manager showing posting of recent events. When the Tour date expires, the listing is removed from the posted schedule automatically.

The Tour Admin can post Tour information including sold out notice, limited seating, scheduled itinerary, etc.

I’m curious to know if any WordPress Developer had pushed the limit where WP Admin fails to display a large table. For me, the WordPress WP Admin fails to show a table of 150 rows and eight columns. The content of the table is mostly text and some 24×24 px icons. When I reduce to 125 rows, the table is visible to edit by the admin.

The custom application development enhances the product catalog to display critical information. A custom search on the display page for product and parts is working efficiently with a fast result.


WordPress Application for Tour Schedule

WordPress Developer